​​​​My School Break Camp​​

We are a group of Michigan certified teachers who provide FREE day camps for ages 5-13 when school is not in session! 


General Information


Camp Informational Dates: Tune into radio station 910 AM on Saturdays from 8 AM - 10AM "On the Line" to hear more about My School Break Camps.

Our day camps welcome and include children with disabilities.  Please make us aware of any disabilities or behavioral needs that may affect your child's participation.

The child to adult ratio is 1:6. In other words, for every 6 participants there is one adult leader.

The maximum participants for each camp is: 20.

Licensing: Per the State of Michigan Child Care Licensing Division, we are NOT required to be licensed because we do not operate for more than two weeks a time.  

The activities in the day camp vary during each break.  All activities and field trips are designed by certified health teachers and school leaders who work with students on a daily basis during the school year.

Medical paperwork is required if your child requires medication.

Children will be officially registered once a registration confirmation from My School Break Camp is sent to the parent/guardian of the prospective camp attendee.

Healthy snacks will be provided for students during the morning and afternoon session.

Participants are provided with breakfast, lunch, supper, and healthy snacks.  We will not provide nuts, pork, or fish at any time. 

Participants are asked to wear BRIGHT COLOR TOPS on field trip days.  Please list your son/daughter dietary restrictions on the registration packet.

Please wear weather appropriate clothes (e.g. jackets, boots, sweater, umbrella, et cetera) and gym shoes.

We are a fish and nut free camp. We do not serve pork either.

Our staff members are trained to distribute medication.

Latchkey late pick up charge: 

1 -15 minutes: $10.00

  • Another $10.00 for each additional 15 minutes late.

Your son/daughter is not registered to attend UNTIL A confirmation letter is sent to the mailing address in the registration packet.  Participants who are not selected for the camp because of enrollment limitations, will have FIRST priority to the next camp offered.

There are three ways to access the registration packet:

1. Parents/Guardians interested in their son/daughter attending any of the day camps should visit the SIGN UP link on this website and    

     request a registration packet to be mailed or emailed.  Please return the registration packet(s) by the deadline.

2.  Parents/Guardians also have the option to download the registration packet on the SIGN UP page and mail the completed packet by

     the deadline.  

3.  Send an email to JLewis@myschoolbreak.com or call (313) 647-2789 and request a registration packet to be emailed or mailed.

Please remember, A registration packet is needed for all participants, even if they are siblings. In other words, if you have three children who will attend the camp, we will need a registration packet for each child. Sorry but it is necessary.

Do Not Wait Until The Last Minute - Spots Fill Quickly!